This is my book. It’s called It Sounded Better In My Head, and it’s the story of eighteen-year-old Natalie, who is dealing with her parents breaking up, her best friends getting together, and her own potential romance. Set in the summer between high school and university, it’s part feel-good rom-com, part awkward coming-of-age.

Here’s what some very kind and lovely booksellers from some of Australia’s best bookshops had to say about it:

‘I loved it! This is a novel to relish and recommend.’ – Lynndy Bennett, Gleebooks

‘A beautiful story about teenage love and heartache.’ – Natalie Yabuka, Oscar and Friends

‘The best novel about first love and teenage life I have read in a very long time.’ – Claire Leyton, Harry Hartog Woden

‘I absolutely looooooooooooved it…I fell for Natalie like a ton of bricks!!’ – Sarah McDuling, Booktopia

‘Utter perfection!’ – Emma Leslie, Dymocks Melbourne

‘I absolutely adored this novel.’ – Angela Crocombe, Readings Kids

‘I can’t wait to sell this wonderful, funny, articulate, compassionate book.’ – Beck Hutcheson, Avenue Bookshop

‘You feel like you’ve made friends by novel’s end.’ – Paul MacDonald, The Children’s Bookshop

‘Every 15+ should be given this next Christmas.’ – Genevieve Kruyssen, Where the Wild Things Are

You can find out more about the book over on Text’s website. It will be available in all good bookshops in Australia in August 2019.